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Corporate Governance

The Group's management is of the opinion that practicing good Corporate Governance is vital for the existence of the Group and in the best interests of shareholders, Group companies, employees and other stakeholders and will in the long run produce satisfactory returns on shareholders' investment. Corporate Governance exercised within Icelandair Group hf. ensures sound and effective control of the Company´s affairs and highly ethical business practices.

The framework

The Guidelines on Corporate Governance issued by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, Nasdaq Iceland and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers, along with the Company’s Articles of Association, and rules for Issuers of Securities listed on the Nasdaq Iceland, make up the framework for Icelandair Group’s Corporate Governance practices. The Company’s Articles of Association are accessible on the Company’s website and the guidelines and the rules for Issuers are on the website of Nasdaq Iceland.

The Company complies in all main respects to the rules mentioned above. No government organization has found the Company to be in breach of any rule or regulation regarding corporate governance.